Monday, 18 February 2013

Windows Drivers for 0a12:0001 CSR USB Bluetooth Adapter

Recently I picked up a very cheap USB Bluetooth adapter for my laptop from ebay. It looks like this:

And here is an amazon link to the adapter:

 I plugged it in and Windows 7 seemed to reconise it. The problem came when I tried to pair it with my Creative D100 speakers. The speakers were found but when trying to pair Windows said it didn't have drivers for the device. It seems that the adapter is usually supplier with a CD containing a shareware version of BlueSoleil which is a Bluetooth stack that operates independently of the Windows Bluetooth Stack. I wasn't keen on paying for this software so I could use my adapter, so managed to find a driver package for Windows for this device. 

The Asus USBBT211 uses the same chipset as this generic dongle. After installing the Asus drivers from for Windows 7 x64, rebooting and trying to pair my device again it worked correctly.